About Us

Jiangxi Linhu Biochemistry Co., Ltd. is located at No. 56 ,Chanye east road , Wangcheng new zone ,Xinjian district ,Nanchang city,Jiangxi province, China. It is a high-tech company of Jiangxi Province . Over past 25 years, the company is specially dedicated in the development ,production and application of two major industrial products - defoaming agents and alumina crystallization additives .

Our defoaming agent series products are developed by our technicians and experts from various colleges and universities, they are synthetized by the international advanced technology using world-famous high quality silicon raw material and food grade accessories . So the products possess excellent defoaming and anti-foaming performance , include professional and universal types ,which are widely used in different industries ,such as medicine, fermentation, coatings, food, brewing, sugar, sewage treatment, textile printing & dyeing, rubber, mining, petroleum refining, non-woven fabric and other industries. At the moment ,this project performs outstanding in the same industry by virtue of our strong technical development strength and moderate price.

Our self-developed and produced products- alumina seed crystallization additives ,after more than 10 years of productive test and popularizing, have successfully realized the sanding of alumina products during Bayer production process, not only possess good agglomeration effect, but also can effectively prevent or delay scarring, eliminate and inhibit the foam, effectively reduce the moisture content of aluminum hydroxide. Because of its outstanding performance in alumina production, this project has won the second prize of science and technology issued by China Nonferrous Metallurgy Association and China Nonferrous Metallurgy Association.

We can provide some small quantity of product sample for your field testing to verify the effect. In the mean time, we provide the free-charge technical training and guidance services .Also we can develop and customize the special products according to your requirements.

Sincerely we welcome all over the world friends to visit or contact us for cooperation to develop the market.


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